Girl in the Light image

Artwork Image Titles and Feedback

Girl in the Light (shown) - comment: "Amazing image, I love your work."

Apple of My Eye: 1st place award, Best Artwork in Inclusive Art Contest, comment: "Outstanding!"

Stain Glass - Left/Right Versions: 1st place win, Organic Modern Wall Art, comment: "your color palette is stunning."

Tree Lined Street: 3rd Place award, Best Color, comment: "stunning image, mystical and wonderful."

Blue Cherry Blossom Landscape: Top finish, Greatest of All Time Wildflower Contest, comment: "such a beautiful dream."

Andoria 1: Top Finish, Surrealist-Outer Space, comment: "Incredible fantasy artwork."

Dakala Ghost Forest: Honable Mention, the Northern Light Gallery.

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    “Brilliant! What a great idea, the scenes are cleverly and wittily written and you clearly have a good knowledge of the characters as they are portrayed faithfully and believably.”

    London UK

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    Sherlock Holmes “A Case of Revenge" is not just a mystery, but it has the suspense thing too… thanks for the opportunity to read these, it was a blast.”

    Connecticut USA

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    “It was a pleasure reading the plays… they are light, intriguing entertainment. The dialogue reads very authentically, thanks.” 

    London UK

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    “I truly enjoy your work; the scripts were an interesting read. In addition, the cycling of different characters really worked for your style of writing, and the constant movement on the stage.” 

    Sunderland Ireland

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    “I have to say that I am very impressed with the effort you put into these, they will be a very nice evening of readings with a theme.”

    Jacksonville Florida

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    Sherlock Holmes 10 Minute Plays,“Wow! I enjoyed reading the plays. My advice to you is, just keep doing what you’re doing, thank you!”

    Georgia USA

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