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Why Sherlock Holmes 10 Minute Play “Darkness Upon Us” is a Great Mystery

Holmes and Watson turn to the deep roots of Italian History to uncover the Mystery. The short story thriller begins when Holmes with long time associate Doctor Watson uncover an unsettling plot beyond borders. This, the third story of book one in the Sherlock Holmes 10 Minute Plays series. Sherlock Holmes and the Darkness Upon Us. Above all, the plays, nine in all create more than an evening of mystery and intrigue as the action unfolds in front of the audience.

The case covers actual events in the history of King Umberto I of Italy and his rise to power. Consequently, the king is disliked in far-left circles, especially among anarchists. In 1900, Umberto assassinated, after several attempts, was because of his conservatism and support of a Milan massacre.

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As a result, the short story thriller leads up to the Milan event and as covered in Darkness Upon Us, one of the 10 Minute Plays in the series. Umberto had a military career in the Sardinian army and took part in the Italian Wars of Independence. In foreign policy Umberto approved the Triple Alliance with Austria-Hungary and Germany. Therefore, many in Italy viewed this alliance their former enemies, who were still occupying areas claimed by Italy. In contrast, the reign of King Umberto I was at a time of social upheaval. As Holmes and Watson connect the pieces into the unusual murder at a popular pub in England the mystery begins.

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Separate titles include Book OneSherlock Holmes and The Prisoner’s Mystery, Sherlock Holmes and A Case of Revenge, and Sherlock Holmes and the Darkness Upon Us

Continue in Book TwoSherlock Holmes and Interview at Cambridge Estate, Sherlock Holmes and the Blackstone Rhyme, and Sherlock Holmes and The Dilemma.

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Book ThreeSherlock Holmes and The Case of the Charming Three, Sherlock Holmes and The Failed Attempt, and Sherlock Holmes and The Light in the Woods. 

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