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Top 5 Reasons to join "Actors, Singers, and Dancers" group on LinkedIn

Most people in the performing arts field have something to express, therefore

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  1. Build Thought Provoking Feedback. First of all, this is one thing people want to see.  Ask questions or post a video, tell everyone of an upcoming event. Because the more you give in quality content besides positive interaction, the more your group will support you.
  2. Connect to a Thriving Community. People love to belong to our performing arts community. As a result, the more you share the group link and connect to like-minded individuals, the more they will appreciate you for doing so.
  3. Drive Traffic To You. Looking to drive traffic to you, your blog, theatre or dance company website?  Actor, Singers, and Dancers group is a great way to do this. Thus adding your website link in promotions or send a weekly message about you and include niche information.
  4. Build Your Personal Network. The group is growing and people love to connect with community performing artist leaders. To begin with, instead of spending time and money on email marketing you could simply add your information, promotion or job postings here on a regular basis for free!
  5. Help Others. And finally, the last reason is every good group rises to the top, therefore the more we focus on helping group members, answer questions, share feedback or news the more your project or cause has the potential to get noticed. In addition the group allows us to build stronger, more meaningful relationships.

Above all, our recommendation is to… click here and join Actors Singers Dancers group on LinkedIn.

John DeGaetano is a certified business advisor, author, and artist. He writes for his website and selected publications.


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