Audition for the Stage

Stage Audition Tips, a Guide to Help you Get the Part

Why refer to the guide? Because the stage audition tips e-book helps you get better at trying: Hate to audition, don't you? Especially when there is a part that you really, really want and there are a million people angling for the same role. Besides its their dream role too...

Finally, there is a chance to possibly get better at it. Or at least get the information

Audition for the Stage Tips Book

The e-book, available on Amazon, downloads in minutes and gives you 10 of the most important tips when determining exactly what to plan for. The areas include picking a monologue, song, cold reading and preparation along with what to expect. Besides of course one important thing… how to act… all this for a very tiny price tag.

Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars A very handy book!

"I loved this book. It has some basic, no-nonsense tips that seem obvious but aren't. I picked up a lot of good advice here, and will be putting it to use!"

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