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Extraordinary Artwork Images You Need to See as Director John DeGaetano Joins Fine Art America

San Francisco Bay Area: in a Northern California cafe, with stage director John DeGaetano. John discusses his selection of extraordinary artwork on canvas and digital print images. Over 200 pieces that will be displayed on the Fine Art America website and Books and Artwork website. Collections Link

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 I'm honored to be able to showcase my artwork, alongside so many extremely talented artists on the site," says John, known for his work as a business advisor and director of musical theatre as a BroadwayWorld Awards nominee.

Artistic Stage and Director of a theater in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years. "We provided performers a chance to showcase their talents. Several years ago, the organization lost its residency and all equipment. This included the theater, props, and sets in the Northern California Fires." Special projects still remain under consideration for John. “Remembering back, at that time it was very devastating for many businesses and residents in the area." Since then the area is making a comeback, however fires have become an annual occurrence. " For now, I've turned my attention from on-stage storytelling and creative imagination, to color stories on canvas and prints.” 

John DeGaetano has directed, created lighting and visual content for musical stage productions such as Les Misérables, Evita, and Chicago. John will now highlight some of those color concepts in a new series of artwork on his website. For questions Contact Us

For more information on Business Books, Stage Plays and Blog News visit Books and Artwork website, or to visit John DeGaetano’s artwork images including canvas, wood and metal prints, and more visit his gallery page at: Wall Art & More


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