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3 Awesome Business Survival Guide Tips for a Better Night's Sleep by John DeGaetano

Business survival research shows business owners have a tough time sleeping at night, and this is because their business may be on the edge. That is to say, on the edge of extinction... for example. A constant worry that many small business owners experience under the current economic conditions.

John DeGaetano, an award-winning certified business advisor has released the

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Business Survival Guide to help start-ups and existing businesses cope with the daily stress of financial and operational decision-making. "The book touches on what you need to know about developing a strategic plan. The book is for start-ups for existing businesses growth planning. Projecting reasonable business revenue and expense outcomes is key to success."says DeGaetano, author of many business books. "Planning and forecasting helps guide or pace where you want the business to go. Besides to setting goals the business for a period of time." For instance, the guide book, available on Amazon, also discusses the use of various funding sources. Funding can be for equipment, to cover marketing expenses, and staffing to name a few. Tips include:

  1. Important points for start-ups for existing businesses growth planning
  2. Helpful guide to pace where you want the business to go, and
  3. Assistance in creating a sustainable business, forecasting, and funding plan.

The author states the book can also be of great help. For example, assisting someone else with a sustainable business, forecasting, and funding plan. For young entrepreneurs, the condensed format of the book is designed to cover important key points. These tips help determine exactly what to plan for in plan content, expectations, and financial numbers. Book includes style and guideline considerations as it relates to the various types of businesses.

For more information visit amazon link here. Learn More Business Survival Guide. The Ultimate Strategic Small Business Guide for Start-ups and Growth Planning... by John DeGaetano

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