Hilarious Stage Play recreates Dysfunctional Old-time Radio Mystery Rehearsal.

Hilarious Stage Play recreates Dysfunctional Old-time Radio Mystery Rehearsal.

The comedy script delivers screwball characters and commercial breaks in a 1950's era setting stage play. Most noteworthy, the story packs unusual twists and madcap silliness into a rehearsal for a radio mystery as the cast readies themselves for an on-air broadcast. Stage director John DeGaetano released the comedy for theater companies to perform on stage based on an old radio drama.

"Everything you’ve ever known to expect from a somewhat strange screwball comedy is covered here."

The Fat Man Play Book CoverThe stage play opens while the cast of characters frantically prepare for a live radio broadcast. As a result, the cast attempts to iron out the obvious kinks in the script. Consequently, the sounds effects and personal lives come into play during an authentic mystery rehearsal complete with commercials. Available on Amazon.

"Above all, the audience can relate to colorful characters with their unusual personalities and personal issues. The story lightly touches on politics, chronic disorders. The story also can't help but touch on what reaching for the stars is really like. Tensions flair as it becomes apparent that a new media, growing in popularity called... the television, could jeopardize the actor's careers" says John.

Add a few microphones, and a couch...

"The set is an easy production to construct. Simple because the play takes place in an dingy old basement on the outskirts in New York City. Add a few microphones, a couch, sound effects table, in an area cluttered with props and you got the idea."

Besides the hilarious antics in - "The Fat Man" comes another comedy - "A Situation in Safe Haven." Also, the screwball courtroom drama "Once Upon a Crime." and another new adventure "Sherlock Holmes and the Princess Jewel." Currently all plays are available on the website or Amazon.

Mr. DeGaetano director credits to name a few include; Cats, Pirates of Penzance, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and Chicago. Also, involved in theatre almost his whole life, he's assisted with numerous productions such as Miss Saigon, Radio, and Television. For more information please visit the play books page website.


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