Funding Your Small Business: Creative Ways in Todays Economy and Making Sense of Business Uncertainty

Funding Your Small Business: Creative Ways in Todays Economy and Making Sense of Business Uncertainty

Funding your small business is a new book from certified business advisor John DeGaetano designed for various phases of business growth. From start-ups, start-up thinkers, entrepreneurs, existing businesses, advisors, students and improves understanding funding options and business planning in uncertain times.

Get the funding you need to help your business grow.

Creative Ways to Fund your Business Book Cover

First of all, the modern thinking tips with easy-to-read financing options, are valuable resources right at your fingertipsCreative Ways to Fund Small Business in Todays Economy: Straightforward information in condensed format. Understanding funding and options available as a small business, ($7.99 available on Amazon).

Author John DeGaetano taps 25 years of hands-on business knowledge to outline successful planning. There are strategies tailored for small business growth. The detailed, step-by-step guide includes examples of important tips to consider when determining exactly what to plan for in growth. So it relates to various types of business needs… in a condensed, easy-to-read format.

Small Business Lending Guide:

The greatest protective challenge an entrepreneur faces throughout the various stages of owning a business relate to: Finding and Securing Capital. This guide full of information on the safety/risk of various ways to raise money, and finance a new or existing business. So we have assembled 16 methods as an entrepreneur to fund your small business in today’s economy…

Thus the never-ending search to find creative ways to fund growth, use capital in a variety of ways – includes: Financing huge Startup Costs, Expansion, Purchasing Inventory, and Funding current projects related to Operations or Production. Here, we estimate what the risk may be in a changing economic atmosphere. This may mean if interest rates were to rise, consumer spending can change. Also, a recession, product, service or technology shift, travel hesitation, or other foreign issue or uncertainty in business. Usually, these factors affect growth, costs, and funding options available to your business. Included is a well collected list of "forward thinking" tips and valuable business resources information to help make your business a success in uncertain times.

The guide contains simplified instructions, resources and tools to help the reader learn how to:

  • Consider affordable funding alternatives, timeline planning, then objectives, and key strategies
  • Determine which growth direction to take, then what will have the least impact on business operations
  • Develop financials, sales projections that consider your lending in rough economic times
  • Even more, information that will capture the attention of an investor, lender, family member or friends.
  • Then, plan out potential activities that motivate and retain qualified lenders and resources

Funding your Small Business:

As a result, you’re not alone… putting pieces together to write a growth plan. Because it's intimidating for everyone," says DeGaetano. "So what makes the task of considering funding for the business complicated is deciding what the future may hold and how it may affect your goals." If you truly want to work and grow in the field of your choice, then planning… is a necessity. "In addition, your business and growth ideas, expansion planning, etc should be a living, breathing document – and manageable so that your business can survive in increasingly changing and at times volatile marketplaces."

More About the Author: Aside from being an award winning certified business advisor, director, consultant and author, John DeGaetano, on the the artistic side has also been involved in musical theatre most of his life; director credits include productions; Evita, Cats, Pirates of Penzance, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Chicago to name a few. His plays, informational books and presentations are available on Amazon, bookstores, and elsewhere. For more information, please visit the Books and Artwork website.


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